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Contraceptive Pill

Over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy when taken correctly!

Erectile Dysfunction

Affordable treatments for a very manageable condition. Let’s get the show back on the road!

Hair Loss 

Clinically proven treatments to stop and even reverse hereditary hair loss!


Kiss hayfever goodbye with our affordable and effective treatments!


Let headaches be a thing of the past with our targeted migraine treatments!

Morning After Pill (Within 3 days)

Prevent pregnancy within 72 hours from the event!

Morning After Pill (Within 5 Days)

Prevent pregnancy within 120 hours from the event!


Fast acting, effective and safe treatments to get rid of thrush!

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Select your treatment

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An online consultation is a short series of questions designed to ensure the medication is right for you. It is similar to what your doctor may ask you during a face-to-face consultation.


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Amazing service!

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Fantastic service

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